About Worthy Flavors

It all happened with a simple question from my daughter. “Why aren’t we selling our products to the direct consumer?” And so, the journey began. We’ve been farming for over forty years and produce runs through our veins. It’s how we have sustained our family and provided fresh and healthy produce to our partners. Our mission is to provide that same flavorful and delicious produce to you. With the evolution in delivery services and technology, we hope to change your attitudes and expectations to what farm-fresh really tastes like.  

Store-fresh is not farm-fresh. We know the sooner we can deliver the produce to our customers, the healthier and tastier it will be.

Where our Journey Started…

Our roots are tightly entwined in the heart of south Florida. It’s where we started farming almost forty years ago. Since then, we have grown exponentially and now farm throughout the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic which has enabled us to produce over 100 vegetables, herbs and fruit varieties year round.

We started as a specialty producer growing popular items such as Organic Green Beans, Conventional and Organic Herbs, Baby Bok Choy, Cabbage (Green & Red), as well as an assortment of greens, and radishes. Now, we grow a much wider array of produce, both conventional and organic.

Food safety and sustainability has always been of the upmost importance to us. We have implemented stringent practices both in our fields and at our packing facilities to make sure that only the highest quality produce is delivered to our customers. Farming is a long-term relationship and that’s why we have a longstanding reputation in the produce industry to provide the safest and highest quality of any of our competitors. You can be assured that will never change!

Ready to taste what farm fresh really taste like. Give us a try!

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