Lime, Mint & Ginger Cocktail

Mint Cocktail

A refreshing gin cocktail to bring on the night! Ginger and mint complement each other so perfectly in this cocktail. This refreshing cocktail is great to bring in the new year!

[recipe servings=1 time=5 Minutes Difficulty=Easy]


1-Inch Ginger, Peeled And Cut Into Thin Slices

4 Mint Sprigs, Plus More For Garnish

½ Lime, Juiced, Plus More For Garnish

2 Ounces Gin

6 Ounces Lime Seltzer



1.    Fill a wine glass with ice. 

2.    In a separate glass, combine the ginger, mint, lime juice, and gin. Muddle together until fragrant and the liquid is cloudy. 

3.    Strain the liquid into the serving glass with ice. Top with seltzer and garnish with mint. 



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