Spicy Garlicky Dandelion Greens

Dandelion Greens

This dandelion green side dish is inspired by the way the Italians sauté their vegetables. Browned garlic takes it to another level, and this is great served with a fried egg for breakfast or added to pasta.  

[recipe servings=2 time=20 Minutes Difficulty=Easy]


1 Anchovy  

2 Tablespoon Olive Oil  

1 Teaspoon Chili Flakes  

3 Cloves Of Garlic Sliced  

 2 Bunches Dandelion Greens 

⅛ Cup Of White Wine  

Small Pinch Of Salt 



1.     Fill a large pot with salted water and bring to a boil.  

2.     Cut the stems from the leaves of the dandelions and save if you’d like. Add the dandelion greens to the boiling salted water and cook for 5 min. Transfer to a bowl of ice water. This cooking technique is called blanching, and it’s going to preserve the dandelions beautiful green color. Next, drain the dandelion greens, making sure to squeeze out all the water, and chop them.  

3.     In a medium sized sauté’ pan on high heat, add the olive oil. Once the olive oil is sizzling, add the anchovy, garlic, and chili flakes. Smoosh the anchovy gently with a wooden spoon, letting it permeate the olive oil. Cook until the garlic turns brown, and make sure you are constantly watching it. Garlic burns very easily.

4.     Add the white wine, and let it reduce by a teaspoon. Add in your chopped dandelion greens, a pinch of salt and give everything a good stir. Take it off the heat.  



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