Rosemary Butter

Use Rosemary Butter to combine with any dish and on bread, it’s to die for!  Add the mixture to ice cube trays and freeze to enjoy all year round.

[recipe servings=10 time=15 Minutes difficulty=easy]


1 ½ Cups Salted Butter

¾ Cup Rosemary

1 Tablespoon Olive Oil



1.       Leave butter out to soften at least 6 hours prior preferably on a non-stone surface.

2.      Remove rosemary petals from stem, then add to a food processor or chop into small fine pieces.

3.      Add soften butter and olive oil to chopped rosemary and mix well.


To Serve


Set out as is to butter toasted bread or crackers or add to butter molds and store in freezer or refrigerator.  Keeps for 4 months in freezer, 2 months in refrigerator.




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