Blueberries up close photo on a blueberry bush

Tis the season for blueberries. Harvesting of these delicious little candies is now underway and heading to be cleaned, sorted and packed. Quite a bit is done to make sure that you only get the finest of the berries. So, how do we ensure that happens? Good question!

Although most growers now use large picking machines, we handpick our blueberries. We handpick because the machine harvesters tend to bruise the blueberries. As the workers pick the berries, they place them into two-pound buckets. When filled they are poured into a lug, a large heavy-duty plastic container. The filled lugs are then transported to our local packing facility, where they are cleaned and processed the same day.

At the packing facility, the berries are then put through a sorting machine that is able to detect and remove soft, rotten, unripe, or discolored blueberries, as well as insects, stems, leaves, and all other types of foreign materials. With one last inspection by human eyes, they are packaged and ready to be shipped to our customers.

Oh…the life of a blueberry. We hope you enjoy!

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