What constitutes “Fresh”?

Sure, we all throw that word around – Fresh. So what is fresh? Are we talking supermarket fresh, vegetable stand fresh or I just brought it home a few days ago fresh? I believe we think it to be the condition that is close to the best “it” is ever going to be.

As a farmer, fresh is what I live and die by. Farmers harvest their fields at the optimal time when the produce is at its peak. Most of the vegetables and fruits are the tastiest and healthiest at the time of picking. And yes…you can beat the taste of a just-picked radish is far more flavorful than that of one which has been sitting around for two to three weeks.

You see in the traditional farming models there are many channels our produce goes through. From the farm to the broker, to distribution, to the retail or big box store, and in each of those instances it gets placed in a refrigerated holding cell until the next hand moves it down the line until it’s finally placed in the produce section. Now I’m sure your asking, “Are you telling me that what is in the grocery store is not fresh?” No. That’s not at all what I’m trying to convey to you.

Vegetables and fruits begin their decay process once the produce is harvested.

That’s why you see leafy vegetables start to wilt because they no longer get water, or a banana turns from green to yellow to brown, or grape starts to shrivel as it ages. The point is that these products have a shelf just like most everything else, however, it is more extreme with fruits and vegetables. And in order to get the highest nutritious benefits, healthiest properties, and the most flavorful taste, you have to enjoy the produce within the closest time of harvesting or picking.

So the next time your at the grocery and that apples seem to have a pretty shiny film on it … ask yourself, “Why did they need to put that on there?”

Eat Fresh. Eat Healthy. Eat Worthy!

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